Fred T. "Moose" Heyliger  E 506th PIR WWII    died 11/3/2001

born, Concord, Massachusetts  United States 101st Airborne, 506, Easy Co. Screaming Eagles, Captain United States Army Lt. "Moose" Heyliger - E Co. 506 PIR WW II Mr. Heyliger passed in Nov. 2001.  A remembrance is posted on the Band of Brothers HBO page.

I was prompted today to write a message I hope will be heard by all men who have served in the 506th and indeed all living veterans. I have come to know of, respect, and admire the Men of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion through Mr. Ambrose' Book and the HBO mini-series. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for these men and every man who has fought for the freedoms I cherish. It was because of my desire to learn more about the lives of these veterans that I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of C. Carwood Lipton, Capt. "Moose" Heyliger, and of Col. Robert Strayer within the last year.

"Band of Brothers" brought Easy company to the attention of the World again when it was released, and while their achievements should have been known to school children all along, the medium in which they learned of Easy Company (Movies and Film) are quickly becoming the way people learn of history  

Easy Company, 2nd BN
Fort Bragg, NC
September, 1943

1st Row (L-R): SGT Amos J. Taylor; SGT Robert T. Smith; SGT C. Carwood Lipton; SGT Robert J. Rader; SSG James L. Diel (KIA, Son, Holland); 1SG William S. Evans (KIA, Plane#66); LT Frederick T. Heyliger; LT Richard D. Winters; LT Warren R. Roush; SSG Terrence C. Harris; SSG Myron Ranney; SGT John W. Martin; SSG Murray B. Roberts (KIA, Plane#66); SGT Leo D. Boyle